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First of all: Hi!

In a nutshell

Picture of.. me! (oof)
That's a picture of... me!

Hey, I'm Robin (aka: Nockiro, pronounced [nɔki:ɐ̯ʁo])!
In short, I consider myself known for being ..

(If you know me and would like me to add something to the list, please tell me!)

I'm interested in a lot of fields, which I often express by beginning to learn/do them and then not having the time to actually deepen my knowledge about them.
I do, however, try to improve in those topics. Among them:

Fun fact: NerdTests.com says I'm a
Slightly Dorky Technology Geek!

Formal stuff (also in a nutshell)

More formally, I can also list the following volunteer/recreational positions I'm currently doing:

Find more information about me in the other sections, if you want!

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