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Places I've gone to that might interest someone

Although I can't seem to really find the time to travel, I've tried to visit more places in the past few years - you never know how long you'll be able to!
Some of them, I'll try to list with photos and as with everything on this homepage, I'll expand the page over time if I think I've got something to add that's nice to look add.

Note: If you want to view a photo in higher quality, right-click (or long-tap on mobile devices) and open in a new tab.
Note also: I took all the photos on this page myself, so there's no copyright notice or anything like that.

Tunisia (in general)

Picture of a typical part of tunisian Souks
Typical part of tunisian Souks

I've been travelling to Tunisia for vacation with my mum since I was little and still go, (not only) because I find the country, the people and their culture (and especially the food!) fascinating.
It also helps that one of the two official languages of Tunisia is French (next to Arabic) which I at least understand, even though I don't speak it well.

Over those years, I've been to pretty much every part of the country - until now:

You can find a good (german) website capturing explorations of the country here, I'd recommend especially the Reiseberichte (travel reports).

London, UK

Picture of a london street
London street - and double-decker buses!

I have to admit I was just once in London, but everything there was just.. nice!
I've liked british humo(u)r, culture and London as a city for years (a.o.t. since I've seen Doctor Who) and was glad I've got to see the city in person.
(Aren't double-decker buses just a pretty neat thing?)

France (in general)

Since older generations of my family partly were born there, I've always felt a bit of a connection to France - it is a bit chère, but absolutely worth it.
Also, if you want to have a nice stay without much stress, especially the islands have lots of calm houses available for renting in rural areas you can explore by bike without much noise.
(You can also travel by bus most of the time, just be aware that strikes are a common thing.)

Mallorca, Spain

Picture of a really nice corner in the middle of nowhere (of Mallorca)
Really nice corner in the middle of [I actually don't know?]

Now, I'm not the kind of person who likes to party - ever.
I've more or less come by accident to Mallorca but got to see a lot of beautiful places (and a lot more of low-hanging, unsecured cables? Irritating for a german!) which most party tourists probably have never seen.
But: Exploring by bike there can be pretty exhausting if you're not used to roads having gradients..

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