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Programming / Software Engineering

In hindsight, I never had a chance escaping the general field of information technology - I've been raised with computers. Really.
I've always loved the way you could be creative and make use of your own work simultaneously (especially since discovering Star Trek [TNG and later]), but also I've been fascinated by how the simplest structures and ideas can "magically" turn into something usable.

So... I've been programming for 13 years now, about 16 years if you call cobbling websites together "programming".
In that time, I worked on a multitude of platforms and projects, some of which are still online today (see Skills or Projects), but most of the older ones aren't yet.
I'd like to build an archive of my projects, though, so if the rest of this website is done, I'll also upload the older projects.

The timeline could be roughly described like that:

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