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Desktop applications

I'm huge fan of the Open Source world, so most of my projects are publicly available with their source code and also maintained by me when I have the time.
The area I'm spending most of my free time on is Windows Desktop applications – some of which are listed below!

GUI software

Magical Fidget Bot

Screenshot of the MFBot software
One of the many windows in the MFBot

My oldest and still active project with the most users (currently ~7000 WAU) is the Magical Fidget Bot.
The MFBot is a tool with currently over 82.000 lines of code in 617 files that automates playing the browser game Shakes And Fidget.

Created in 2012, the tool still is my biggest playground for collaboration tools, large upgrades (like one from .NET 4 > .NET Core), but of course also to test my patience on long, ongoing projects with a lot of community interaction. ;-)
This wouldn't be possible without the great team behind it, though, as after over 5000 commits in the current version branch alone, a lot of code has been contributed by other team members.

More about the history of the project and how it was created and developed until I gathered my team members can be read here (english) or here (german).

Packed File Searcher

Screenshot of the Packed File Searcher software
Packed File Searcher, searching.. guess what.

Another tool that I've created a while ago, but also has a UI I find clean, is the Packed File Searcher.
It has been created to search a file within multiple packed files without the need to open them by hand.
This gets especially useful if you have deleted a file that you haven't backed up (*cough*), but you know that you are desperate enough to crawl through every archive you have near the origin folder.
This of course didn't happen to me..

The interface allows searching fast within every archive supported by 7-zip (the underlying "engine") and even through archives within archives. Wildcards are supported and you get hints at every button and text field you can get to.

The WinForms Themes Project

Not technically an application itself, but rather a theming engine for .NET WinForms applications is the WinForms Themes project, supplemented by its counterpart StylableWinFormsControls.

Screenshot of an example application for the stylable winforms themes
Example/Prototype for the WinForms Themes

Applications based on .NET WinForms don't allow for native theming and even Windows itself does only reaaaally slowly start to implement the possibility of theming some elements like the title bar.
There are some projects out there that allow easy theming of an application, but they are closed-source and far from free of charge.

This project therefore aims to help developers that want to offer dark themes or high contrast themes, but without the need to spend much money on it.
The project technically consists of two parts: The controls we've built to support theming (StylableWinFormsControls) as well as the theming engine that allows quick, extendable and easy theming of those controls as well as those of other libraries.

Since we - the developers - depend on it in our own projects, the project is ideal for continuous improvements and support, but it is currently in an Alpha state and a lot has yet to be tweaked and done.

Command line software


Screenshot of the TenMinuteMail command-line software
TenMinMailGen CUI in action

While technically more a script, one Python (3) program I more or less maintain is the TenMinMailGen script which you can use to generate a new mail address on 10minutemail.com via command line and watch for incoming messages.

GTask Export Helper

Have you ever had the issue of not getting your Google Tasks into a CalDAV server like NextCloud?
No? Me too!

As much as I like open-source software, sometimes it just doesn't behave as it should.
In this instance, I stood before a problem where NextClouds import feature wasn't working correctly and Google didn't let me export my tasks in the first place in a standardized file format, I had to get creative.
To quote myself: "In short, this utility can be used to take an export of Googles Tasks lists (via Google Takeout as JSON) and use them elsewhere through the iCalendar file format."

You can find more on which problems I encountered while making this tools on the GTask Export Helper project page.

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