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Websites/Web-based tools
Because stuff that's nice to look at is always a good start.

Active/Maintained projects


Screenshot of the Chorismatic webpage
The website of our choir: Chorismatic

One of the visually more appealing websites I still actively maintain is the website of the choir Chorismatic I'm singing in.
I not only created the website, I'm also writing and managing its content.

The page features basically everything we need to present ourselves:
A little introduction, ways to contact us, ways to support us and a little calendar to inform you about upcoming events.

Magical Fidget Bot

You can read more about the project itself on the category of Desktop applications, but for it, I had to built a.o.t. the following web platforms over the years:

Furthermore, the translation management platform is an admittedly less actively developed, but still actively used platform.

Projects I consider abandoned

An entirely honest and serious website about me (warning: totally genuine!): Rudy's Seite.

Not (yet) my oldest, but still weird enough: LoginWell, an old school project.

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